Virginia Peters has written for journals and anthologies including:

Silent Partners’, UTS Anthology, 2001

In a Cool Blue Light’, UTS Anthology, titled In a Cool Blue Light, Halsted, 2002

Good Morning Mrs Edwards’, Sleepers Almanac, Sleepers Publishing Melbourne, 2008.

“The standout writer is Virginia Peters, whose accomplished stories of marital and family tensions read like the work of a female John Updike.” Dr Kerryn Goldsworthy, Sydney Morning Herald, 6.2.2008

 Remember Sleepy Creek’, Sleepers Almanac, 2008, Sleepers Publishing Melbourne.

“And Virginia Peters deserves her double appearance: ‘Good Morning Mrs Edwards’ and ‘Remember Sleepy Creek’ reveal a talent for astutely capturing both the claustrophobia and the comfort of monogamous relationships. May she have a collection to herself, sooner rather than later.” The Monthly Magazine-Australian Politics, Society and Culture, March issue, 2008

The House Guest’, New Australian Stories, Scribe Publishing, Melbourne, 2009

“Of the longer stories Virginia Peters The House Guest is a standout of suspense and conflict against a background of ordinary life.  This is definitely a story to start when you know you are going to be able to be finish undisturbed.” Metapsychology, online Reviews

We Must Catch Up’, Sleepers Almanac, Sleepers, Melbourne, 2009.

“We Must Catch up is a disquieting tale of female friendship.  What begins as an innocent acquaintance between two mother morphs into a parasitic obsession.  Peters is subtle, however; she deftly portrays the quiet intensity between the women.  (Who after all hasn’t felt the curious thrill of a friend-crush?)  Her underlying themes of domestic dissatisfaction and maternal ambivilance are considered and challenging.”  Melbourne Age, 7.3.09   

About the Others’, Brothers and Sisters, Allen& Unwin, 2009.

About the Others, by Virginia Peters, tells a powerful story of the damage done to a favourite child by a disturbed mother.  The voice of the unpleasant narrator neatly damns herself in the picture she describes of co-dependency fuelled by loving abuse.” Sydney Morning Herald, 21-22.11.09

The Fat Man’, Overland Literary Journal, 197, O L Society Limited, Melbourne, November 2009

Friction’, Kill your Darlings, July 2010.

“The fiction is strong, particularly Virginia Peters’ Friction’ which involves an innovative use of structure and headings to guide the reader along the thread of a relationship’ ‘Plume on Words”, online literary review.

Have You Seen Simone?’, Crime On My Mind, New Holland Publishing, 2010.

My Mother, and Murder, Australian Griffith Review, edition: Disasters—Victims and Survivors, 2012.